Christian Speaker

Saji Mathews, the person with complete blindness is a sought-after speaker. He has taken his message and shared his story with audiences across the globe challenging them to “Be positive and confident and carry the world in hand.”

On4thSept., 2000, Saji was coming out of his I T company. He found his vision blurring. The 10 min.walk from his office to the bus stop, made him loose his vision completely. Doctors treated him rigorously in every possible way but could not save his vision. He had a sparkling career before him as a Software Engineer. But everything was shattered within no time. But GOD had HIS own plans. One word “All” from Rom. 8:28 played a vital role in Saji’s life. He was sure that his blindness, would also “Work together for Good”.

But his journey begins far from what he lost. Today Saji is an Officer in Organisation of Govt. of India. A sought-after speaker, Saji’s incredible life-story contains many highs and lows. It is a unique journey of success and failures, that all started with a determination and the desire to “Never Give-up”, no matter what, no matter how long. His story is one of overcoming challenges to achieve the unthinkable. He speaks with clarity, passion, purpose, and humour about the persistence needed to achieve what you think is beyond your reach.

Saji is an Apologist and deals the topic like “Existence of God in the Problem of Evil” brilliantly. He has spoken in many Schools,Churches,Conferences, Bible Colleges and University forums in topic related to Christian Faith.